Fructan index

Fructan is a carbohydrate (also called saccharide or sugar) produced by grass plants under the influence of sunlight. It brings about the growth of the grass. As soon as growth is not possible, fructan is stored in the plant. This “overdose” or “accumulation” of Fructan can contribute to summer eczema and / or hoof seizure in horses.

Fructan structure in grass plants

There are three causes that in combination with a lot of sunlight cause Fructan to build up in grass plants:

  1. Low temperature
  2. Little water
  3. Low nutrients

Weather or no weather?

When to Graze:

  • Early in the morning after a night above 5 ºC
  • Cloudy day above 15 ºC
  • Grass with sufficient water and nutrients

When Don’t Graze:

  • Afternoon or early evening of a sunny day
  • Sunny day below 15 ºC
  • Day after a night under 5 ºC
  • Grass with a lack of water and nutrients
  • Shortly mown or grazed grassland

To manure or not to manure?

Manure ensures grass growth, more grass per square meter. The Fructan content in the grass decreases because it grows. Do you understand the carrot?

This card allows you to follow the Fructan index in your area.

Read more about Fructan index on the website of Hoof Naturally

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